Jura GIGA X3

Jura GIGA X3

Jura GIGA X3

The Jura GIGA X3 is the latest JURA GIGA machine. Commercial use - up to 200 cups per day. Incredible 3 year warranty.

At a glance:
> 1 high precision, ceramic grinder
> Caffé Latte and Flat White from innovative variable dual spout technology
> 36 months commercial warranty
> Available with water tank or as mains connected model

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£3,795.00 ex VAT.
£4,554.00 inc VAT.

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What is it: The Jura GIGA X3 is a heavy duty commercial machine. It is designed to do up to 200 cups/day and comes with 36 months commercial, on-site warranty (parts and labour).

Recommended use: We have installed The Jura GIGA X3 into a wide range of different settings. It is popular in busy offices (approx. 100 people), busy independent coffee shops and tearooms, leisure centres and restaurants. The large daily capacity and impressive range of products, make the GIGA machine very versatile and a great choice for any establishment.

Detailed look at the Jura GIGA X3: At the touch of a button the powerful Jura GIGA X3 offers a wide rang of coffees; fast, hot and to Barista standard. From espresso to latte macchiato - treat yourself, your staff and your customers. The machine is easy to use and can even prepare two milk speciality coffees at the same time (ie. 2 x Cappuccino, 2 x Latte). So how does this machine achieve perfection? Here's how the various components togther create perfection:

Ceramic Disc Grinder: Keeping coffee cool during the grinding process is key to achieving the best quality ground coffee. Ceramic disc grinders generate less heat when grinding which ensures a cool grind. And because there is two grinders, grinding time is furthermore kept to a minimum. Secondly when grinding coffee beans it is important to get the coarseness of the grind just right as this significantly impacts the final taste. Each coffee bean will have its own optimal coarseness. The GIGA has electronically controlled grinders to fine-tune the grind of the coffee and allow you to hit the sweetspot of your coffee.

2 Thermoblocks, 2 Pumps and 2 Flowmeters: Once the coffee is ground to perfection it needs to be treated with respect. A setup with 2 thermoblocks (achieving consistent heating), 2 pumps (achieving necessary extraction pressure) and 2 flowmeters (achieving consistent output) do exactly that. The dual setup also makes it possible to create a true Caffé Latte. A true Caffé Latte is only realised when milk and coffee flow into the cup at the same time to create that unique blend.

The Dual Spout and Cappuccino Frother: Following the perfect grind and extraction, the coffee now needs to be delivered right. The dual spout on the GIGA can be smoothly height-adjusted (70mm and 159mm) and width adjusted (20mm and 50mm). This means you can use the cup or glass designed and required for your specific coffee speciality. More importantly, the cappuccino frother has an electronically controlled, adjustable air intake: a dedicated geared stepper motor ensures a smooth switch is made between hot milk and milk foam for effortless crafting of a Latte Machiatto.

Is there more? The Jura GIGA X3 is proof that excellent engineering can go hand in hand with excellent design. The Jura GIGA X3 Professional features a fresh, modern design; with a small footprint and high quality silver and aluminium finishes. The Colour TFT Screen makes preparation of any of the 20 programmable coffee specialities straightforward and also makes daily maintenance and cleaning tasks easy with clear on-screen guidance offered at every step. There are also a wide range of programming options; for example you can set your machine up as a 'Beans a la carte' machine, allowing you to pick which bean hopper to use for each coffee. So you can easily offer all your drinks a decaf for example or offer separate Arabica or Robusta coffees.

Finally, there is the 36 month commercial warranty. This on-site warranty, which covers both parts and labour, gives you the peace of mind you require when you are investing in a machine to produce high quality coffee.

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