Official, authorised UK Jura dealer

Jura authorised dealer badgeThe Coffee Machine Warehouse is an officially recognised, UK Jura dealer authorised to provide advice and sell Jura coffee machines. This includes domestic (household) machines and commercial machines.

The Coffee Machine Warehouse is a trading name of Jurang Wholesale Limited. Our other website (Jurang Fair Trade) also offers Jura machines, but additionally contains a lot of catering products. To provide customers with a "less cluttered" website, we created the Coffee Machine Warehouse website to offer a more direct focus on coffee machines.

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Why bother with an authorised dealer?

Ask yourself this question: "Would you buy a brand new Ferrari from just any corner garage"?

It may seem a stupid comparison, but think about it and you will agree it actually illustrates the point quite well.

By buying a Jura machine from anyone other than an authorised dealer, you are leaving yourself open to any of the issues below, however, you will always be left without a warranty.

This is because Jura strictly control the sales of their machines to ensure only competent businesses are able to bring their quality products to the UK market. If the company you are dealing with is not on the list of authorised dealers on the Jura website, you will not have a warranty.

Additionally, you risk the following:
> Receiving a faulty or damaged machine
> Receiving a non-UK machine
> Receiving a stolen machine
> Receiving no machine at all

All these things may seem extreme, but contact Jura UK on 01282 868266 and they will happily confirm all of the above.

Choosing an authorised dealer assures you of honest sales advice, good prices, valid warranties and ongoing support and service.